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OvenScope - Video Inspection System

OvenScope is the video inspection system, developed for examining the interior of continuous commercial bakery ovens, can be used anywhere where a narrow chamber is fed by a conveyor belt.

It videos the internal surfaces of continuous ovens as it passes along the conveyor. The system can bring huge cost savings by reducing unplanned maintenance and avoiding downtime due to oven fires and other major failures. The battery powered, PC based system can make up to four video recordings simultaneously.

When the unit emerges from the (cold) oven, the videos can be immediately viewed simply by plugging in a keyboard and monitor. They can also be archived onto DVD in industry standard MP4 format to provide a permanent record for future comparisons.

Only 28mm high, the OvenScope's low profile allows it to pass through most ovens. Fully self contained, it does not require any umbilical cables. The modular system can be set up with a range of camera and lighting configurations. A laser provides a straight line reference to assist in image interpretation and for comparison between inspections. A tracking system ensures that problems identified can be quickly located.

Equipment life extended - use of the unit helps extend the life of existing equipment, helping to defer the expensive purchase of new ovens. The OvenScope is easy to use, involving connecting the chosen camera module to the main video acquisition module and placing them on the oven conveyor.

The unit has applications in a wide range of food production lines, including biscuits, snacks, bread, cakes and frozen foods.

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